WInter 2014 Preview

This season looks depressingly bad save for a few shows and specials (Read: MUSHISHI!!!! and NATSUME!!! YEAHHH!!!!!)

Ahem, anyway. I don’t know why they don’t just make another season for Mushishi (I could use a bit of gold) or Natsume (I could use a bit of happiness/tears/hope), or Durarara (where the hell is season 2??). I actually watched the first six minutes or so of Space Dandy and it looked like a bad joke. I’m still going to watch it though, since my hopes ride high on that one.

To be honest I feel like previewing this was completely pointless since all I really did was scribble out the most of it. They weren’t even inspirational enough to make the bad jokes I usually do.

Red= Me, Yellow = ArtemisDSII

Winter 2014 Preview

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