About Kpop+

This blog will be me reacting to kpop videos or variety shows and pretty much everything korean entertainment. Admittedly this blog isn’t very active but I noticed that people are checking it out occasionally so I will try to be more regular. My personal goal is to post once a week and more often as I see appropriate. I have a tumblr blog that’s pretty much all kpop if you want to see more.


My history with kpop:

One of my closest friends introduced me to kpop back in the 7th/8th grade and I got really into it. I got most of my cousins into it as well. I stopped listening to it for a very long time. I would say from grade 10 to first year of uni. I did occasionally go back to it and every time I did, I got really into it but I would stop because of school and because I didn’t have anyone to talk about it with. I got back into it about 8 months ago and have been loving it.

I’m glad to see some positive changes in kpop but damn this past year has been drama  central.

About me:

So I’m a 20 year old studying Pharmacy. I have a personal blog and an anime blog.  I’m on twitter, tumblr and other stuff too. Let me know if you want to see anything.


I don’t like the idea of judging other people, especially people that are already in the public eye, so that is not something that will happen here. I may compare myself to kpop people or think X is cute, funny, cool, for Y reason. I may discuss why I like a certain kpop individual as well but I hope to post nothing negative in terms of them as individuals simply because that’s kinda douchey and I don’t want to add to external pressure.

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