Anime Loot

Here on Anime Loot you will find reviews for various anime by episode. Also coming are reviews of anime and manga as a whole. Occasional reactions to anime news as well.

There are two authors, striffy and ArtemisDSII who will post whenever they can (we’re students so we have to deal with exams). If you want to learn more about the authors, go ahead and ask questions if you want and we’ll see if we can answer them in our about page.

If you have any anime/manga recommendations feel free to leave a comment. Let us know what you think about pretty much anything we write any criticism, etc.

Thanks for visiting Anime Loot.

3 thoughts on “Anime Loot

  1. I was wondering if you guys could do episode reviews on Blood Plus? I’m really interested to see your take on it(especially because I’m having doubts on whether its good or not). Also 11eyes is an interesting one…a couple of strong female characters in that too but it’s short so there’s not much character development…anyway hope to see some more awesome episode reviews in the future!

    1. I’m not sure whether you’re referring to Artemis’s awesome reviews or mine (probably Arty’s cuz I haven’t been posting for a while), but I’ll let her know.
      Oh and 11eyes, honestly I’d stay away from that one, since as you said, not enough character development.

    2. Well I’ve got a lot of work and stuff for the next little while but I’ll try to out Blood Plus in a couple of days. The name sounds familiar, I think a friend tried to get me to watch it but i kept forgetting about it. So expect a post within the week or not at all xD

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