Good morning, afternoon and evening.

I’m writing this to let our anime fans know that I have changed up this blog a bit.

I consolidated this anime blog with my former kpop blog. I have a huge interest in kpop and will be writing posts here to make it easier for me to write the things I want in one place.

Somethings you might be interested in knowing: 

  • I will be writing a lot more kpop related content than anime. Due to school, especially for the next ~6months or so my content will likely be predominantly kpop related. It’s easier to listen and enjoy a 3 min song a couple times and write my thoughts on it rather than a 20 minute anime episode. The approach to writing is different for me and frankly I have stopped watching anime for the time being
  • Striffy doesn’t really write here much anyway so don’t expect her to post much in the mean time.
  • Starish666 wrote for a short period of time and I don’t think she will be back to write for a while due to school and poor time management skills.
  • Changes to the blog have been made to incorporate essentially two different blogs here but changes will continue to be made for the time being. I don’t know if it is possible but if I can figure out a way for you to subscribe to only the anime related content I will enable that when and if I figure it out
  • If this merge is successful and I hope it is, I will merge my posts from writtenloot – a blog where I keep reviews of TV shows and eventually books. I actually only have 3 posts but my bigger concern is how easy it will be to sift through so much different content.

So why am I doing this? It would be easier if I consolidated everything. In the end these are all blogs I have for my entertainment and it would be easier to manage if everything was together. In the event I want to pay for my own blog it would be cheaper to pay for one rather than 3 or 4 different blogs. I also will likely feel more motivated to write and will have less of a burden in writing posts out.

I know the change may be difficult at first but I’ve been thinking about this for about a year… so better to get it over with already.

Feel free to stop following as this may not be what you want to see from my blog; it was good to have you all here.

If there are questions or recommendations, anything at all – feel free to drop a comment below.


Coming up: BTS at the AMA’s – I will likely write about them today; looking forward to it so much.