Viktor’s fine sculpted ass.

That’s it.

That’s the post.

Ok fine, let me elaborate. Aside from Viktor’s fine ass (which in itself should be reason enough), Yuri on Ice has several elements that attract me.

Like aside from this guy, I mean.

It’s a project by a really motivated director – she’s been wanting to do an anime about skating for years, and the love that has gone into the work really shows. There’s little details here and there that are so fun to pick out, and I’ve seen some really fantastic observations from different online communities about the show.

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a first episode this much in quite a while (Drifters was good too. That show is gonna be fun). The pacing was good and energetic, and the show itself was really beautifully animated. It’s not often that you get to see an anime with OVA level quality, and there were some really impressive scenes that I rewatched again and again. (My only fear is with the show’s ability to remain consistent with such quality, and MAPPA has had quite a few shows with this problem).

This kid’s gaping mouth is quite impressive in it’s own right

So I’ve heard such great things about this show. For example, Kenji Miyamoto, someone that’s choreographed for Yuzuru Hanyu is also in charge of the skating choreography in this show. (In fact there’s this great post I found analyzing Viktor’s winning routine that was very informative). Experienced designers were hired to create the outfits for the skaters and the sketches of the outfits were sent in with the fabric type attached. The opening was done by this one guy over like a period of 2 weeks and it was all hand-drawn, despite just how realistic the motions look. So in other words, GODDAMN THERE’S PASSION GOING IN TO THIS.

The great thing is that the first episode was also actually quite funny, instead of just being bland. The MC is immediately likable with his down-to-earth, kind of beaten-up sarcastic personality. I was pretty surprised with how easily I liked Viktor too. The man exudes fabulousness and charm. And also he has nipples. This is a game-changer for me. I have never understood why anime feels the need to erase the existence of nipples. I mean, they do it to females, which I can at least attribute to censorship. But why the males as well??? Are there nipples also too lewd or something??  It’s not even that difficult to draw! It’s like the same thing that they do with nose removal in anime, but in a way it makes even less sense. It’s like a few circles here and there. (Danshi Kokousei clarified the process that anime males undergo for nipple removal)

Behind the scenes- “Looking the Part”

Now I hope the show gets to maintain something like a near realistic portrayal of grown-ups acting like grownups, instead of like, acting like cute girl doing cute things. Either way episode 1 really impressed me and I can’t wait for more.