Hello readers. Honestly, do we even have readers at this point?

So once again, my stupid shithead of a cousin is bribing me. The only way to get Artemis to watch certain anime is if I blog about them. She claims that blogging is much more “productive” than simply watching such shows. I see no significant amount of logic behind this ideology, however I submit to her will because if I don’t, she won’t watch the goddamn shows until like a year has passed or something.

And so, I say hello to AnimeLoot once again. Something that had been created during my awkward teenage years, where I was, once again, attempting to bribe my stupid shithead of a cousin into watching more anime. It was highly effective, mind you.

The Necessary Disclaimer

Anyway, I would like to bring to attention that I am a very different person from who I used to be. Primarily I was a dumbass. More so than how I am now. It’s so embarrassing to see my own posts and comments from a few years back, and I would like to officially apologize to anyone for having to deal with me being a pompous, ignorant brat. Honestly I wanted to change up my avatar, username, account, website. Everything. But I’m much too lazy to do any of that and so here’s a disclaimer; anything stupid or questionable I may have said or did prior to this post is to be ignored. (Anything intelligent, however, can be viewed with admiration, and may serve as a reminder that I was always a glorious being in the making).

The Half-Assed Statement of Dedication

So let’s see how long Arty and I post, and how frequently. I can’t make any promises, but I can definitely say that I’ll be a lot more blunt and honest with certain opinions. Additionally I will probably be more fun, instead of being a teenager overcompensating by attempting to make “intelligent” arguments.

Welcome abroad guys! Comments are always very welcome. Just don’t be annoying or a shithead. We’re all people, and we’re here to discuss anime. I’m too old for drama (but apparently not old enough to stop watching cartoons).