By: ArtemisDSII

So I caught up to the rest of the anime and I’m glad to say I haven’t really been disappointed.

I think my favourite thing about Erased is that it introduced so many characters in a very smooth manner and each character has their own relevance.

Unsurprisingly Kenya catches on t what’s going on pretty quick.

erased 3 kenya

While watching the first few episodes I wondered if he’d actually make a difference to the future and he did – he made it way worse apparently. But I don’t think we can really say that either because we never found out what else happened in the first time line.

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Airi definitely became way more interesting. At first I thought, wow she’s an idiot. And I definitely still think that. How can you just believe someone didn’t kill their mom and that’s why they’re on the run. How? Then she lets him in his home, of course, let’s just add pedophilia to his many offenses so far.

And her sad past? Her dad decided t get a divorces and quit his job and move away because of a damn chocolate bar. I’m 100% sure it was Airi but she doesn’t want to admit to it.

The scene where she notices the fire actually made me jump for some reason. I really didn’t expect that.

It was kinda sad though when she started crying because she blamed herself for him getting caught. And I think this stems from her guilt as a kid for hating one of her parents or most likely not admitting to trying to steal the chocolate.

What really annoyed me was MC running away instead of making himself looking good by saving her. I don’t know, the manager doesn’t really sit well with me.

erased 11 wow stupid idea

I mean he’s following him, a little too eager to do the ‘right thing’.

erased 8 wow she left the pizza

And who the hell BLUSHES because a high school girl says she’s going home. WTF. To top it off he can’t control himself when that counsel guy is right in front of him. He gives off way too many pedo vibes to not be a viable suspect or at the very least an accomplice.

erased 7 ok found the killer

My favourite thing though is Airi just kinda ignoring him constantly.

I’m really looking forward to the next episode and hopefully he gets to go back and change something because I really want Kayo to live.