By: ArtemisDSII

I am so glad this is the show I decided to watch, reentering the anime world.

My first impression is that this show has incredible potential in highlighting so many different aspects of life and I think it’s doing a great job so far.

I’ve always been an advocate for kids and how much kids know despite them being dismissed constantly by adults.

I thought the first episode was great, instantly wanted to know what was up. It’s funny because at least 2 people told me what happens in the first episode and how he travels back in time but for some reason I forgot about it and was so amazed that this was the show my friends were talking about.

Anyway, on to the review.

First of all, I did not see his mother’s death coming. I was sure there would be an encounter with the killer but another mother’s death in the first episode? Pulling an SNK seems to really reel me into shows and it’s not cool.And the fact that he gets blamed for it OH MA LORD. I was so annoyed, dude comes in complaining that his mom didn’t close the damn door and he does it himself – stupid.

And I don’t understand why the mom was so damn okay with a highschooler as his potential waifu? I mean, do you really have no faith in your son?

Then we’ve got Kenya. He’s way too well dressed to not be suspicious or play some important role in the story. Plus, he’s supposed to be smart and he reads in his free time. Something’s up.


I get the feeling he knows something is off with the main character (forgot his name wow, I literally just finished watching the 3rd episode).

I mean, why does Kenya tell him to read her essay. If he really cared he would help her himself so why tell MC? Maybe because he knows MC likes her or he just doesn’t want to do anything about it himself? I don’t know.

The teacher is also giving me off vibes

erased 5 perv mode on
Perv mode activate – immediate suspect
erased4 ew
That angle, that shade, them eyes – definitely a pedophile.
erased 6 what a stupid how
I want to know why this hoe thinks telling a random 10 year old about a class mate being abused is a good idea

I absolutely love that the MC called out the girl for framing and trying to bully Kayo. I actually had watery eyes; I’m a sucker for justice and putting people in their place in a timely fashion.

erased 7 my eyes got teary hell freaking yeah
that’s right you arshelocke, cry

The ending of the third episode you can see the pedo teacher consulting/just done pedoing on Kenya. Which makes me think he thought that telling another kid and not the police was a good idea. We’ll see in the next episode though.

erased 8

With regards to Kayo, what she’s going through is obviously messed up. Her character is like any other bland girl that doesn’t talk much in anime but this time it makes sense, adds value to the story. Despite being pretty monotone, I find she’s way more expressive than most distant girls in anime.

Overall, I’m so interested in the show and I’ll continue watching (now).

Hopefully I don’t disappear for another 6 months though.