Twice debuted less than a week ago with Like OOH AHH and the song’s been pretty much a hit. I think it’s really fun to listen to after you give it a few listens. I wasn’t a fan right away but after a few days I gave it a second chance and got into it.

The whole zombie thing was a bit confusing though. If you don’t understand the language or read the lyrics youwon’t really see the point. I thought it was kinda random until I read the lyrics. And honestly I was kinda disappointed. I expected to be more of a scary songwith a funny twist due to the teasers. I expected the video to be pretty different and was hoping for a story in the video.

That said, the choreo was really fun to watch and I loved the one shot effect. I feel like I almost instantly like a video better if it incorporates this technique.

In terms of the members, I didn’t pay too much attention to SIXTEEN but I did watch the last bit where members were announced so I kinda know some of their names. I thought they all looked HELLA pretty and Momo really stood out. The blonde hair really suits her and she definitely dances well.

Dahyun’s looked really cool during her rap portion too.

And this girl below with the red hair and pink clothes seems so familiar. I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere but I just can’t pinpoint where. I like her voice too, it’s a bit different compared to the rest of the group.


Honestly, after watching the video so many times, I really like a lot of the members and something or the other stood out for each of them. In my book that’s a success for any group.

Probably the funniest and cutest was the cheerleader trying to stretch but failing, it added a bit of humor to the video.

I didn’t like when the song suddenly slowed down, even if it led to an awesome dance sequence right after. It just kinda through the song off for me.

Apparently Twice might win a music award already which is insane because most groups take their sweet time before they win their first award. Coming from a well known company and having a TV show before your debut definitely helps though. For comparison, GOT7 only recently won their first award – about a year and half after their debut. And they’re from the same company. BTS won their first awards about 2 years after their debut and they also come from a relatively small company.