Seventeen’s made their debut and now their comeback and I have yet to review any of their music. Unfortunately I too a longer than expected hiatus but I’ve been keeping up with the happenings in kpop and SEVENTEEN’s been entertaining while I’ve been gone.

With their recent comeback, MANSAE, I feel like I actually know more of their names and I got a chance to really check out their bishie levels.

First of all though, the song is fun and catchy, I think it’s probably just as good as Adore U in terms of just the singing. The rapping? Way better this time around, it actually fit the song.

The dance, you don’t get to see as much compared to Adore U but it does look fun. I’m considering giving it a shot (by that I mean just practicing the mirrored version a few times for fun), I loved dancing to Adore U and trying to keep up with it and I’m sure I’d love dancing to MANSAE as well.

Note: I did like the incorporation of their previous dance moves.

In terms of lyrics, well I could already tell that this song wasn’t going to have some deep philosophical meaning and I’ll be surprised if it does but for now I’m not interested in the lyrics. I usually search lyric translations if I’m really interested in the group or song and MANSAE just doesn’t intrigue me like that. That said, the translations were on in the video and I had to laugh while suppressing an eye roll at this lyric.

lol mansae

LIKE no, you stay inside. You guys look 10 and you want to protect her? Please. It’s funny because he looks so damn proud about helping her, my god. I just find it really funny considering at least one of them is as young as 13/14. Bro, let me protect you, hold hands and look both ways before crossing the street.

‘Even though I’m busy, I’ll protect you.’ Gee, I don’t mean to be a bother, I’ll just look for the next available security guard.

Now in terms of the overall video itself, it was fun to watch and I loved the way they recorded some of the members. The cinematography really made the video a lot more fun to watch. That said, I felt like members really got a chance to stand out this time. Since their debut (I didn’t really keep up with them before then) there seems to be quite a bit focus on some members more than others. I’m glad I got to see all of them a lot more this time around.

the way the camera moved made this scene s much more fun to watch and really helped in getting me into the song
the way the camera moved made this scene s much more fun to watch and really helped in getting me into the song

I had a few moments I really like of the members and some of them are the following:


Jun here is actually really good looking. In fact he reminds me of L from infinite and the SM rookie that everyone seems to be going crazy over. What disappoints me though is how he seems to wear plain t shirts a lot, like they forgot they needed to give him something to wear. Once in this video, the scenes with the microphone and in at least one of the versions of Adore U. I feel like he may be overshadowed by the other members which is really interesting because usually bishies take all the spotlight to a degree even if they aren’t the best singers, dancers or rappers. That said, I consider pretty much all the members to be bishie.

Moving on, for a split second I though Junghan was the female lead and I think it’s stupid I didn’t see that coming. It was funny when he was standing in front of her, looking way prettier than her xD. He really stood out in the basket ball scene though.

This is where I forgot that that was a man

I believe this next one is Joshua, if I’m not mistaken. And I think he looked pretty cute in the suit, again I feel like I actually got to see him this time around and I liked the way he sung ‘my lady’. He kinda has a really cute vibe to him. SIde note: I’ve heard he has the same bday as V or Taehyung from BTS and their personalities are world’s apart. Makes me want to check out more of their stuff.


Now my favourite scenes/members/moments in the song.

First of all, that deep voice and the way he looks at the camera like he knows what up. It made him look hella cool and helped add to the variety in terms of the song itself and it fit. Like I said before, Adore U was everywhere but this didn’t take away at all.

*I’ve got something in my eye, I swear I’m attractive* xD

Now for this last one, I don’t know his name but that hair doe. I think the angles with the camera really helped and I find that he really pulled it off. He owned the look. (also, I think his name might be minkgyu, not sure). I found this part of the song to be really fun and again, it didn’t take away from the song.tumblr_nufyzjWrqk1uy6560o1_500

Note: I loved the group picture at the beginning and I had to laugh at how they themselves were enough to fill a whole class room, no need for any back ground actors.

Overall I’d Mansae a 8/10. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and I think they really did a good job.

Author note:

So I’m thinking of getting back into this blog, I’d like to post more frequently but I prefer longer posts like this which take me a little longer. So for now, no promises but I’ll be aiming for at least 1 post every 10 or so days. Eventually I want to be at about 2-3 posts a week. We’ll see what happens though.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations feel free to comment.