T.S released a statement just a few hours ago informing us that B.A.P has returned to their company and people aren’t too happy.

The important thing to note is that T.S has admitted to treating them like shit by saying they will respect them more and be more considerate about their performances. I think that’s the most important thing to note and makes me think that yes, this is happening and we probably don’t need t wait for the members to confirm it for us.

The whole situation has been unfortunate, particularly for the members themselves. A lot of kpop groups get treated like garbage but every time you hear it from the people themselves it really hits you hard. To not be treated with respect but to also be unfairly cheated from the money you earned is pretty ridiculous. Now, T.S has said they figured the money issue out by showing the calculations and such but if it were that simple I feel like that could have been done way sooner. So it still leaves me pretty skeptical of T.S.

Fairly, I will assume T.S will still not treat them with the respect they deserve though it may improve.

On the bright side, it will be interesting to see collaborations between their sister group in the future.

And maybe I’m shooting too high but they will receive a lot more breaks and more fan meetings and reasonable/fair pay.

I’ve been wanting a comeback for a while too. I’m sure they’ll probably take some time before it gets to that point but I’ll be rooting for an explosive comeback.

All said, T.S could make this work and redeem themselves. Will they? It’s hard to say since people following SONAMOO have noted that they are performing and promoting in the same way B.A.P did in their rookie days.