By: Striffy  

Ganstaaaa!!! I.e the show that’s way too gangster to spell it right!!

Here comes another Manglobe anime, this one revolving around two manly dudes emitting testosterone as they beat bad guys and rescue hot chicks!!

Said hot chick (she’s actually pretty cute)

But real talk, Manglobe has in its most recent years disappointed time and again in the animation and story department. Whether it’s due to a tight budget or what, they have a habit of animating really… uh, shittily at times. With that being said the first episode of Gangsta looked pretty good and I have to compliment the show for revolving around adults rather than, say, teenagers in high school commenting on how the cherry blossoms are blooming early this year.

Uh, where was I…  I commend the character designers for their work, and I commend whoever decided to make moe-kun so moe. You know who I’m talking about;

The blood soaked one to the left is the one I'm referring to
Moe kun scratches his hair after missing a chance to brutally slaughter his enemies

Have you ever seen a smile so beautiful? He really likes what he does!!


Nik appraises his work after a job well done! Nik has done a good job today!

I’d love to take tips on leg exercises from Nik!


Aside from Nik and his perfection, I really did enjoy the first episode. The direction was nice and the soundtrack was reminiscent of Samurai Champloo, so I’ll be sticking around for that. And Nik. Also Nik.

But why do you look so unhappy?
Just you and me? My, Nik! How blunt!! Kyaahhh~~~