By: ArtemisDSII

This is the first anime I’m watching where I’ve read the manga and now get to watch all the characters come to life and I’m excited (don’t worry, I’ll write reviews based off the episodes only). So far there have been no real disappointments in terms of voices, though I expected Zen to have a slightly deeper voice.

If anyone hasn’t read the manga they should know that Shirayuki isn’t a boring, dull character so you’ll actually like her. At least more than you like liked most female anime leads.

The anime so far is exactly like the manga, as far as I remember. It introduces most of the major characters and the conflict Shirayuki must deal with, dat red hair. My favourite thing about this story is that nothing is really forced, none of the characters are suddenly in love with each other and they focus more on the actual relationships they have and the issue at hand.

shirayuki1But it’s kinda obvious Zen has a thing for her, even if it isn’t romantic. It must be dat prince-like feel he gives off~


Cuz strangers totally force you to feed them.


I like the art a lot, it feels light and fun. You get a sense of, oh this show won’t get too serious but it’ll probably have it’s moments a few episodes in. It all seems really simple, the character designs included but the detail makes it so intriguing. It’s obvious Kiko and Mistuhide watch over the Prince but have a friendly relationship with him.

Shirayuki has left her country and is now in Zen’s so we’re progressing pretty steadily with the way the episode ended.I’ll have more to say next time around as I can’t WAIT for one character to be introduced. The ending wasn’t particularly catchy but I loved watching the scenes, recognizing some of them from the manga.

Note: I know, don’t take my word for it but I’m going to try updating this weekly. I’ll probably need to give myself a few posts to get back in to the swing of things but we’ll see what happens.