Block B formed a subunit with Ukwon, B bomb and P.O and I’m kinda annoyed because I have so much trouble trying to tell Ukwon and B bomb apart, did they have to be in the same subunit?

That said, over time it’s gotten to a point that I sometimes can tell them apart. Anyway, onto the music video.

The use of women, fully expected and doesn’t surprise me. We’re talking about Block B after all, they do what they want and it’s almost always good. Here, not so much. There’s no point in having naked girls except that they do generally do what they want and they’re more liberal than other groups. ‘American style’ as they say. It’s progressive, but progressive isn’t inherently good. I think it takes away from the video, a lot.

Outfits were ok but the one on the right, I think we’re talking about Ukwon here, not really a fan of the outfit.

Reading the lyrics, well I ended up skimming through them since it wasn’t particularly special or interesting but even just by skimming you could tell there was still no point in adding naked girls chopping up meat. Well, maybe there’s a fetish I haven’t been clued in on.

The video did seem pretty random with no clear plot but a bunch of random shots. I’m pretty sure Ukwon was a vampire but that’s all I really got out of it.

I did enjoy the song though, the beat kinda kept me listening. From the video I liked the scene with them just dancing and being kpop cool, you know? I feel like the girls were added for shock factor which I’m sure it’s done.

Will I listen to it again? Probably a few times.

If I had to rate it though, I’ll have to give it a poor 2/5. The video really took away from the song and I like listening to fun or cool music. Sexual kinda takes away from it (and let’s be real most kpop is sexual) and pointless nudity really irks me.

All said and done, I’ve liked all of Block B’s songs I’ve heard so I’ll probably have to give the song another chance without looking at the video.