Girls’ Generation released their music video on April 9, 2015, their first comeback without Jessica and I’m not too impressed with the song or music video.

I’ve never really been much of a fan but I’ve liked a few songs here and there. Most of their songs are super girly and cute so I don’t bother too often with them but I was looking forward to this comeback expecting it to be very different from what they normally go for. It was different but it still wasn’t good enough. 

I felt like there should have been a cool story or at least engaging moves but it was really simple. The just danced in 2 outfits and the members got into the camera’s face a few times. Nothing special and SNSD usually isn’t this simple with their videos. I didn’t bother reading the lyrics either because it was just too dull for me to look into further. It was almost like watching a dance practice video so I really don’t expect to hear about them uploading one.

I mean, you guys had these trucks and cranes in the back ground, you could have made it look way cooler. Maybe they didn’t want to copy the same style as EXO’s Call Me Baby since they also just made their comeback but damn, it would have been way better if they did.


I did love their clothing, looked really cool.

Overall I’d rate this song a 1/5. I might give it a second and third listen and change my mind but as it stands, the song and video were not impressive. I expected a lot more from SNSD