EXID’s back with Ah Yeah and it’s just about how I expected their comeback to be.

The song is great and the music video fun to watch. As expected, it has a similar vibe to their popular Up&Down. The outfits remind me of their previous song but the direction of the video was still interesting enough to let it slide.

The song clearly targets censorship but what I found most interesting was actually the connection between the sexualization of women and teens in the media. I loved that in the end the reality was nothing compared to what was being portrayed and in my opinion, viewed by the viewer themselves.


By referring to the TOEIC’s it’s obvious that their aim includes the negative image given to a lot of youth.

The video sort of lost it’s meaning however when the dance still remained sexual. You can’t say it isn’t even a little sexual. It was a much more toned down version of Up&Down but the truth remains, it didn’t really contribute to the aim of the video.

Overall, it was enjoyable and catchy. I’m really curious to see if they’ll win any awards though seeing as all these huge groups have made comebacks and there are still more coming. These next 2 months seem deadly for smaller groups.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I absolutely loved the transition between the member and LE, wow. It made the song a lot cooler.