BAP’s leader released AM 4:44 and the lyrics couldn’t be harder to sit through. I haven’t addressed the BAP situation but holy hell does it have me worried and pissed.

The song really speaks of what Yonnguk has probably been feeling for a long time now. Knowing BAP’s situation and reading what they’ve gone through; it sucks to learn what they’ve gone through but going through it yourself really is another thing. I got a few chills before even getting a chance to read the lyrics.


Just yesterday I decided to listen to 2 of their radio appearances and honestly I wouldn’t be able to tell they were going through hell without them coming out with a lawsuit or following them actively the way some fans do. Based off the radio shows and what I’ve seen, these guys really aren’t bad people that deserved to go through this (really no one deserves it).

People stared at the young child like he was dumb adults shamelessly worry for you after stepping, ripping, and making you fall over yeh

Based of these lyrics you can tell he was clearly hurt by people that should have taken him; instead they were the cause of pain and followed up by feigning concern.

Every night I spend my lonely nights with bad thoughts

With a glass of soju I anesthetize the sadness in the end it’s all one thing

Just like the pills in my left hand my love has also left me

He clearly didn’t have too much of a support group, with being away from family and probably also his friends. And being the hyung and the person he appears to be on media, I can see him giving support to his members rather than asking for it. A lot of people have mentioned how he’s like the father of the group and Youngjae mentioned in an interview that they follow their leader well because he makes a good example of himself. Of course I’m sure they confided in each other but it’s clear he shouldered quite a lot, as the other members probably have as well.

When you’re feeling the loneliest and having a hard time from this world
I will pat your shoulder you can lean into me then

He’s obviously still willing to be supportive. It seems like he’s saying that even though he’s gone through a rough patch, he still is capable of being someone’s support.

Everyone go away

But it seems that he’s reached a point where he is ok or at least better and doesn’t need the comfort.

I think more than anything, at this point he just wants justice and to let his fans know that yes he’s gone through hell but he’s getting better.

I think it’s interesting how he keeps referring to his grandfather, clearly an important person in his life that he respects. I can’t really say much more about that but I feel like he was probably someone he was able to confide in or learned patience, etc.

I think there’s a lot more to the song than I can decipher but I felt like writing this out since I’m waiting for BAP to win their lawsuit and come back.