Let’s get right to it, shall we?

The MV was so much fun to watch. Even though I’m not that into EXO I had a bad feeling this wasn’t going to be good and was worried for some reason. I was pleasantly surprised. The similar style of camera movements as in Growl, but a little more intensified made it impossible for me to look away.

so smooth

My favourite scenes would have to be Xuimin and Tao rapping together. It was funny watching them since Xuimin is so short but it still managed to be enjoyable and they did kill it (3:12). And WOW, Baekhyun’s voice was like gold. Every time he sang, it just sounded too good and smooth. D.O’s ‘I don’t care’ was awesome too. These two along with Lay were so cool to watch and I believe Chen joins them in that scene where they move back and forth; really cool effect. And around the 2:40 second mark when baekhyun is doing his thing alone before the others join, sooo cool and smooth.

Cool factor too high, I think I officially am a fan

In terms of which version I liked better, it’s hard to say. I felt like the Korean version was ever so slightly more polished but then again, I watched it first so I probably didn’t notice as much.

What I think is really interesting, and I notice this all the time, is that the non Korean versions always have more English. So I was able to understand more.

What I didn’t expect, was the weird Call Me Baby dance. I lol’d at the randomness and lol’d harder because they still looked good doing it. My personal favourite dance move was when they patted their shoulders and then their stomachs, seen around the 1:24 mark.


Also, it’s been a while since I jumped over a couch, I wonder if they had to do any retakes here.

I’ve heard things that Sehun and Xuimin get hardly any lines but I’m pretty sure I saw them get lots of lines this time around which is nice but I’d like to see Xuimin sing since he does have the ability to hit a high note. I guess he doesn’t have much control so he doesn’t sing much.

On a side, I feel like the leaked audio for Call me baby (daddy) might have contributed to this being their comeback song. I might be wrong though since sometimes artists release a MV for a different song before their actual comeback song.