Wow. I didn’t expect the mature voice I heard. I only recently learned about his 14 years of training which blew my mind. The fact that he willingly spent so much time in training amazes me because it makes me wonder what the heck was he doing for 14 years besides training and studying. That said, I like his mature voice and it’s somewhat out of the blue for me because I’m used to more cutesy debuts. Both songs were simple and pretty pretty clean. His voice wasn’t to masked by the music making him sound even more mature.

I think I like Coming Home better but I wish there was a music video to go with it.

My only complaint was that there was way too much repetition. I guess usually there’s a rap verse or change in beat every so often normally in a lot of kpop music so it felt weird. It was like a nice mix of Western style music with kpop. I can’t expect myself to listen to You as often as Coming Home but overall I did enjoy the song. The music is definitely more mature than what I’m used to seeing in kpop and I welcome it.

I hope to see more of him and learn about his 14/15 years as a trainee.

Coming Home-8/10