Originally I saw gifs of the live Gayo Daejejeon performance on tumblr so I viewed it on YouTube because it looked so cool despite the bad camera work. I laughed at the trailer being posted on BTS’ original channel because to me it was bighit being annoyed that a complex dance performance wasn’t captured the way it should have been. I mean, ‘very good camera’, ‘good camera’ and then ‘do you want more?’ I laughed so hard when I saw that, I didn’t expect them to be so blatant 

I loved that there were 3 different versions and each one was just as enjoyable to watch as the one before. Through the original live performance I was only really able to appreciate the turret portion of the dance and Jhope being awesome in the beginning.

what I think is really cool is how Suga is raised so smoothly, it’s not a jerk or anything. It looked very natural and that made it look even cooler.
This part looked so cool to me. It looked really aggressive and in your face and very unlike Jungkook or any of them. But they do have a tendency to go full force for most of their performances. 

My favourite thing was probably the focus on Jhoope which made a lot of sense this was a dance video and he is the main dancer. They did still focus a bit on Jungkook but he’s also a good dancer (apparently, I don’t notice his movements as much. I do think he’s good but I feel like it’s clear why Jimin and Jhope are known for dancing. I also think Jhope’s are a lot more smooth and relaxed).