Overall I’m pleasantly surprised with the show and I think it’s a great gateway drama. I definitely have a fair amount of complaints but it’s still been pretty enjoyable. I really enjoy the dorky comedy whether it’s Dal Po’s piggy bank suffering or In Ha’s beauty brought to question. It’s a good contrast to the more serious aspect of the show and allows you to laugh before they throw in the sad plot twists.


It kinda sucks that his brother has killed people and there’s really nothing that can be done. The ending of the 10th episode when Dal Po reveals that he’s his brother I was just like ‘shhhhiiiiiitt’s going to go down’. I liked that his brother at least redeemed himself by being the informant because had that not happened he really would have been left as a revenge driven killer with no humanity left in him. What I didn’t get though, was why he had to turn himself in and why now? And he’s still going to the interview so I guess Dal Po didn’t reveal who was the killer, just that he body can be located?

I didn’t like the fact that it was repeatedly made clear that In Ha was the reason Dal Po couldn’t take down her mother. I mean, before you liked In Ha you thought she was a piece of shit and then after she treated In Ha like shit you really didn’t like her so it shouldn’t have been hard to take her down anyway. And how does not officially being with her suddenly make it okay to target her mother? You guys made out right after saying you should break up so wtfudge you still care about her.

I didn’t like Yoorae for the longest time but in the latest episode I started liking her. I liked her fits and they made more sense than before. I couldn’t stand the crying-because-the-sunbaes-are scary thing.

Also, the rich kid is completely useless and it seems his only role is to come between Dalpo and In Ha but it seems he’s kinda over him so what’s the point of his character?

In terms of acting, I really enjoyed Lee Jong Suk’s acting when he revealed that he was the younger brother. I thought it was much better that I expected and I didn’t expect much from kdramas in general.

I’m looking forward to the next few episodes. I was supposed to review each episode individually but I kept putting it off and then I had exams. Unfortunately I’ll be busy next week so I might do 2 episodes together next time.