Infinite released Grow as their OST for their documentary by the same name which came out just a few days ago.

The song was pretty slow paced and smooth which fit the music video as it showed clips of them on tour and recounting memories. Personally I don’t enjoy these kinds of songs and they usually take longer for me to get into but I’m definitely giving this song a second chance seeing as I am a fan of their music. infinite_grow

When it comes to the lyrics, I thought it was pretty mediocre and nothing really special. I feel like I may have zoned out of the song and paid more attention the the video since I normally catch on to Sunggyu’s voice as soon as I hear it.

So the song wasn’t a win for me but I do plan on checking out their documentary when possible. I’m a bit disappointed with the overall score but I think that the main reason this song didn’t score too well with me is because it isn’t really my style. I may check back in a few days and update my rating.

Choreo: n/a




Overall rating:5/10