B.I.G aka Boys in Groove came out with the upbeat and fun song Are You Ready? about 2 weeks ago (or at least that’s when I discovered it) and I actually thought this was their debut song but I found out just now that that’s not the case. I’m surprised I didn’t come across the group or the song sooner. I find it really fun and entertaining to listen to. All the guys are effectively cute and I personally can’t get over 1:40 of their music video.

I liked his voice – J Hoon if i’m correct

I thought the vocals were awesome and though I found the first half of the lyrics contradictory to the latter half of the lyrics and the whole music video, I still enjoyed it. The dancing looked really fun too so that pulled me in as well.

I do hope to hear more fun songs from this group and I’ll probably watch out for them on variety shows as well. I’m pretty surprised they aren’t more popular already but I guess there are just way too many groups coming out right now.

Dance and choreo: 7.5/10




Overall rating:6.87/10