So Lovelyz is the newest group out of Woolliment and have released 2 music videos so far. Good Night Like Yesterday was released about a week ago while Candy Jelly Love was released earlier today.

I personally enjoyed Good Night Like Yesterday a lot more, I thought they sounded better and I wasn’t too distracted by the cuteness of the music video. I do wish Sunggyu from Infinite, who starred in the music video, was given a bigger role than looking pretty and knocking over a chair but I’m guessing they didn’t want the attention taken off from Lovelyz. 


I didn’t like Candy Jelly Love, I mean-the name just oozes forced cuteness and I’m really not a fan (let’s forget that they’re called Lovelyz). From the dance moves I saw, I felt the outfits didn’t really fit. I haven’t watched any live performances, so I’m just going off the music video. The music video did have a few tolerable cute scenes but I still would have preferred a more powerful performance. I prefer seeing them move around and having fun, not sitting and singing. Those scenes kind of bothered me. Overall, it was still pretty fun and considering it’s just their debut I can understand why it was all cutesy.

That said, I will probably only listen to Good Night Like Yesterday again. I’m looking forward to what else they’ll make. I hope they produce cooler music and look forward to learning their faces. Because I am a fan of Infinite I feel like I’ll be looking forward to their work more compared to other girl groups and I sincerely hope I’m not disappointed.

Good Night Like Yesterday: 6.5/10 -it was pretty good but I feel like I need to listen to a groups up beat songs before I can get into their slower music. 6.5 is still pretty good in my opinion.

Candy Jelly Love: 4/10 -too cutesy

Note: I normally look into groups a while after they’ve debuted so I’ll definitely be looking into this group again.