Epic, the song is essentially perfection in the form of kpop.

The whole video is really fun and keeps you engaged.

I actually only started listening to the song randomly a few days before the video was released out of nowhere and I found their performance a lot of fun. So I was already happy with the song and with the fun music video it just got better.

On a deeper level:

I find the lyrics kinda cool too. I get that they can be taken as being a little sexist but I disagree because I feel like the song is trying to say hormones are the issue and it can be extended for both males and females. It blames ‘it’ on both parties and by ‘it’ I think they mean adolescents and the changes they go through. This isn’t a very clear explanation but I’m a lot less concerned with the meaning since it doesn’t bother me much.

Other people have mentioned how this is like a confidence boost for girls and though the song is very positive, I don’t really see that as the main aim. Because in that regard I would also disagree. It’s just a fun song.

Those beautiful faces though:

I found everyone to look really attractive, as expected. V looked really good and I love that they made him the center because I find his voice to be really good and it seems like he’s slowly getting more parts in songs and more attention in videos. I like the sort of aggressive and angry moves he has in the video, it’s something I feel the other members could not pull off and it fits him very well.

People have been angry? that V hugged a girl or that the girl got to hug him? Chill out.

I thought it was really cute because if you’ve seen videos of V he is quite awkward and uncomfortable with hugging girls and you could see in the video that he was pretty uncomfortable with the hug by the way he held his hands and how he lowered his head.

Singing, rapping:

As mentioned, I’m glad V was the center since he seems to not get that attention too often. That said, I’m annoyed I don’t get to hear much of Jin. It’s clear that Jin is the least talented but I do think that from the little I hear from him, his singing has improved and sounds pretty attractive as well.

On a slightly unrelated note, I feel like out of respect for the oldest member they should give him more chances to sing. I know that sounds really unreasonable but when I think about the Korean culture, I find it slightly odd that the oldest doesn’t get that kind of respect despite it being a business at the end of the day.

In the case of Jimin, wow, that kid has got a beautiful high note. So I think it’s pretty odd that he doesn’t get more lines and kinda sings the high notes on the side. I hope to hear him sing a little more. I really liked the way he sung the high note in the actual performance.

Jungkook looked awesome in the video as well. Until now I didn’t really enjoy his appearance in the music videos though I agree he has a really good voice as well. I found him surprisingly cute in the video and can understand why my cousin likes him.

The raps from the three were awesome. I loved J-hope’s part a lot especially when he gets rejected, I thought his reaction was one of the funniest things. I find the way he raps really funny and cool. Namjoon and Suga’s rap was cool as well. They seemed pretty proper with their raps. I wonder sometimes if Suga’s ever fallen when Jungkook picks him up though, I feel like he would be at least a little nervous but he seems very calm in the video.

My favourite line in the rap has got to be the

thank you! For improving my eye sight
(Natural LASIK) Don’t need to spend money on that

Just epic.


l found the dancing fun with the way everyone was kinda moving around and the butt smacking was hilarious to me. I did find it odd that J-hope was at the back for most of the video, considering he is 1 of 2 main dancers. Rap monster was actually more visible and I found that odd since we’re all aware of his inability to dance well. Other than that, I enjoyed the dancing.


The way the one take was shot was really cool because it wasn’t static, the camera was constantly zooming in and out and worked with the dance to really make the video more engaging. I enjoyed the bright colours and upbeat atmosphere.


I’m honestly surprised the video hasn’t been more popular. I know it was released with little warning and the song had already been out for a while but I felt like the song at least deserved a few million views.


I would rate the song at 5/5 stars. There was nothing it lacked in any area and stayed fun consistently.