By: starish6

I’ll admit it – Black Bullet wasn’t as stupid as I thought it’d be, it was kind of entertaining. I mean, there’s a cute boy in tight clothes running around with a gun, and he’s voiced by Yuki Kaji. What’s not entertaining about that? Even the background music was decent, and the fight-scenes weren’t boring or overly exaggerated, which they are in most anime. The Enju lolita didn’t piss me off too much either, surprisingly.

i think it’s kinda creepy (and unfortunate) how they have to put 500-feet-tall blocks of varanium around their city

It sucks how the only way the people can live in peace is if they fight off the parasites, the Gastrea. And what’s even worse is that Gastrea can only be killed using Varanium, which is solely in the possession of the Civil Officers. I wonder if the citizens ever thought about what’d happen to them if they ended up in a situation where: a) Initiators/Cursed Children stopped being born and the currently-living ones died, b) all the Promoters were killed off, and c) there was no more Varanium left in Japan.

Now, I know that there’s more than 200, 000 Civil Officers or whatever, but what if they were all killed somehow? Like, wouldn’t that be the worst situation ever? I just wish there were other ways of killing the Gastrea, instead of having to use Varanium each freaking time.

must be rentaro’s tight-fitting uniform and sleek boots

The pedo clown – I don’t know what his name is – is really starting to get on my nerves. Can he just leave Rentaro alone? I don’t understand why he’s so interested in joining forces with him. Why the heck is he trying to bribe him with money? Can he just get lost? He reminds me of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter, except for the fact that he isn’t cool…or ripped. I don’t think Rentaro’s ever going to side with him anyway, because he seems like one of those “I will fight for justice, not for pedos!” kinda guys.

Random side-notes:

  • I love Rentaro and Enju’s relationship. They so obviously care for each other and Rentaro isn’t tsundere or afraid to admit it. He doesn’t treat her like a tool, but he doesn’t treat her like a princess either, which is what I really like. I just hope their relationship stays platonic and doesn’t become romantic, because they’re cuter as just friends.
  • I have to ask Rentaro where he buys his clothes from ASAP.
  • What the hell was up with this?

If you do not want to die, survive, Rentaro.  – Rentaro’s grandfather (probably)

Like, couldn’t you be a bit more inspirational than that, grandpa? How about some survival strategies?

  • It was so hard choosing the screenshots for this because Rentaro is so cute and Enju is adorable and I love the colours, so I just wanted to screenshot everything.
  • Just… Just read this:
most of you are probably confused, but i can’t stop laughing at this because he said “kisou, tama ga nai”, which actually literally means “damn it, i have no balls”