By: starish6

Let me just say this beforehand: I’m not into romance stories at all. But I guess you could say this was an exception. It wasn’t boring and it didn’t make me want to bash my head into a wall, like most other romances do, since they usually tend to get generic and uninteresting. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou kept me laughing, though, and that’s what I like about it.

all we’re missing is cherry blossoms, hair blowing in the wind, and dramatic korean background music

I guess kawaii-senpai is a dandere. (Dandere: one who doesn’t really speak much, but is sweet on the inside.) She seems like a typical Shoujo romance heroine. No, wait a minute. This can’t be possible, can it? Everybody, listen up – BWMK is actually a Seinen! (I bet you guys already knew that). *groans* Why was I not informed about this? …Well, I guess that explains the loli-chasing masochistic pervert and the big-chested lady and the fanservice for dudes in general. Ahhh, so it’s not a Shoujo. Now I understand why I was able to survive watching it. 

Personally, I think Usa’s freaking adorable. He might come off as ‘annoying’ to some other people, but to me he’s like a cute, innocent kouhai who wants his precious senpai to notice him! (That was so cheesy.) Anyway, he seems like an okay enough character and it’s not like he’s boring or anything, so unless someone has a valid reason as to why they hate him – if anyone hates him – I won’t understand them.

Something I’ve always wanted to know a while after I’d gotten into anime is if people who watch their senpai crushes from afar and wish to be noticed by them actually exist in real life? Like, do people actually do that? It just seems kinda unrealistic. *whispers* I bet some of you are running to hide under your beds right now.

doesn’t she understand that the innocent uke boy and the masochistic pervert can’t be put in the same room? kyaaa!~ usa has no protection from the hairy man desu~

The landlady’s pretty weird, but now that I think about it, most old people in anime are weird – I’m not being an ageist. If you’ve watched as many anime with old people as I have, you’d know what I mean. Despite all I’ve just said, I really like her. She’s cute and sweet and caring, and seems to have a fun personality.

I can’t say any of the other characters really catch my attention. That’s one thing I don’t like about most Seinens: the characters. They usually gravitate towards being either annoyingly expressionless or overly touchy-feely. It’s like, have you ever heard of ‘stepping your boundaries’? But other than that, I feel like I can relate to all the perverted masochistic jokes and it makes me really happy. Maybe the hairy guy can be my friend.

Anyway, I don’t have anything more to say, except that: BWMK didn’t bore me at all, so I’m definitely going to continue watching it. (Congratulations for being the first – no, second – romance anime that I didn’t drop!) I wonder which direction the next episode’s going to take! Hopefully, it won’t decide to jump onto Generic Romance street.

i forgot to mention how i couldn’t stop laughing at this. omg usa’s such an uke. so cuuute

Note: I’ll probably drop this half-way if it becomes boring (which I’m afraid it will, but I’m keeping my hopes up a bit).