By: ArtemisDSII

Damn those chapters were way too kawaii.

Chapter 63, 64 summary: Suzume invites Mamura over to her house since her uncle wants to meet him. Her friends tell her about the different things that could happen and make her nervous. As a result the visit starts off awkward but they end up becoming comfortable as they remember a T.V show they used to watch. A picture of Shishio in her uncles’ old photo album throws her off and things get awkward. Suzume tenses thinking ‘something’ might happen but Mamura tells her he won’t do ‘that’ to her and leaves to help Uncle with snacks -or something. Suzume overhears them; Mamura says he knows Suzume doesn’t fully like him but knows that it’s possible for that to change and wants to essentially take things slow. Suzume furthers her resolve by attempting to show she appreciates him and gives him a hug when he’s leaving. Of course, this is Mamura we’re talking about so he basically collapses from embarrassment once she leaves.

'I'm too bishie for you'
‘I’m too bishie for you’

Review starto: First of all, friends that make you so nervous about anything to the point that you screw up are douches. Or you can’t take a joke but that’s not important here. I don’t get why this is the dominant method of depicting friendship in shoujo manga, it’s stupid. I mean sure, the people I hang out with do sometimes make m conscious of things I don’t even bother thinking about but come on; there’s a limit. Besides, if you just started dating, and your partner is Mamura, I highly doubt he’s going to try making out with you as soon as you two are alone.

See, even if 'he is a guy' and has 'those thoughts' he didn't do anything.
See, even if ‘he is a guy’ and has ‘those thoughts’ he didn’t do anything. As expected of Mamura.

I’d like to point out that Mamura, unlike Shishio, a 22/23 year old, showed a lot more self control here. In fact, that is self control. I think I just convinced myself that Shishio is clearly unfit to be in a respectable relationship with Suzume. Wow, it feels like an epiphany even though I already knew this.

Anyway, I love how Mamura gets so embarrassed except, I end up being embarrassed as well. 64-2 too much

Looking forward to the next chapter. I expect Shishio to show up and slowly start coming up more in their lives. I do still think it’s stupid that he is suddenly letting it slip that he still cares for Suzume but whatever, we’ll see what happens.