By: starish6

Give me a few minutes to think, please.

Okay, done. What the actual hell did I just watch? I won’t accept it. This is completely unacceptable. I can’t believe all of that honestly happened. I don’t even understand how I’m currently feeling. Goddammit, Hamatora, you’ve really done it this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the directors turned out to be extreme sadists.

how the hell are you even alive? are you really even our precious art baby?

I was bursting with uncontrollable excitement when the long-awaited showdown between Moral and Nice finally began. I was thinking that – at last – Nice could kill him, he could kill Moral. He could have his wonderful revenge. But, no. Of course they weren’t going to let Nice do that; instead, they brought his dead boyfriend back to life and made him kill Moral, which makes no freaking sense whatsoever. I am so confused right now.

 It struck your heart, didn’t it? Takahiro-kun’s sordid death. … Oh, and come to think of it, I killed your friend, Inspector Art. I had entirely forgotten about it because it was such an insignificant event.

No. How can you still say such terrible things, Moral? I think you’ve had enough fun already. You’ve pushed me to the point where I’m going to have to assume you have no human feelings at all, and are unable to comprehend any kind of sane human emotion.

Look, I know I said the only thing that could cheer me up from Art’s death, was if Art himself was brought back to life…but I didn’t mean it like this. Not with him talking in an unusually weird tone and then suddenly pointing his gun to the back of Nice’s head.

baby it’s okay, he won’t kill you. he loves you, i love you, we love you – you aren’t going to die. so stop making that heart-wrenchingly innocent expression… please…?

It’s unfathomable. Art would never point his gun at anybody – especially not Nice – unless it was for a good reason. I don’t want this. I don’t want him to shoot Nice. But at the same time, I have a feeling that Art is the one who got shot, possibly by someone from behind him (it’s usually what happens in everything anyway). And if that is what actually happened, we’re going to have to deal with a bunch of Nice-Witnessing-Art-In-Pain feels.

Ahhh, but how could have Art come back to life? It’s impossible. It’s not like he was resurrected or anything…right? *gasps* What if he has a Resurrection Minimum!? … Never mind. I think I’m just forcing myself to believe anything now, because Art coming back to life/not dying/being immortal just sounds awesome in a way. But also really sad for some reason.

I still can’t understand why he’d point the gun at Nice, though. Could it be that Art’s evil? Maybe he really is jealous of Nice’s abilities and his Minimum and status…. Damn it! But if Art’s always felt envious towards Nice, then why would he be treating him as a best friend throughout his whole life? *sighs* You know what? Forget about it. I’m tired, tired of this, tired of everything.

hahaha moral’s finally dead. banzaiii~ ♥ (still wanted nice to torture him though)

Let’s just wait for the second season.

Even though some part of me knows I’m going to regret it.