By: starish6

I actually would’ve liked to see more of Honey and less of Three in the 9th episode. No offense, Three. You’re really cool and I respect you, but Honey is just…Honey, you know? Who doesn’t want more of her? She’s awesome. I think it’s really nice that Three runs an orphanage, though (gentle giants for the win), but it’s hard to believe he used to be some “Bloody Beast” dude. I thought he’d have a normal past. Not one filled with despair, machine guns, and dead lolis/shotas. Then again, how can you have had a normal past if you’ve got an old scar like that across your face?


I wanna know more about the people of Cafe Nowhere’s backgrounds. We didn’t get to see anything about Koneko or Hajime or Murasaki. Character development is extremely substantial. In my opinion, at least.

I still don’t understand why Moral is sending them around to kill everyone. I mean, besides the fact that he’s insane and wants to rid the world of sinners and make humanity stronger. What’s the point in a world where everyone’s gone mad and blood-thirsty and won’t rest until they’ve hunted down all their prey?

what’s with those expressions, guys? you’re supposed to be excited desu~

Geez, if you want to get something done, at least do it yourself.  …No, wait. I take that back. Stay right where you are, Moral. Also, It’s really insane that everyone’s rioting and killing all the people who’re badmouthing Minimum Holders.

And where did Takahiro come from? How come he’s half-normal now? *sighs* Nice isn’t really living up to his name. I do agree with him – that it was Takahiro’s own choice to ‘obtain power’ and it was kind of his own fault he ended up in his current situation, but I thought he’d still help the kid. …Oh, well. It’s cute that Murasaki is helping Takahiro and Hajime with their diets, though. 😀

The woman who was screaming about shutting down Three’s orphanage and kidnapped all the shotas/lolis – isn’t she Itou (Takahiro’s mom)? I really dislike her. How dare she take away the children from Three and Honey!? I don’t care about any ‘government authorities contract’ or whatever; she still doesn’t have the right to do that! And the children didn’t want it either! It was so obvious that they were reluctant to leave.

please just dismember moral already or something equally wonderful. crushing him with boulders is fine as well. he deserves no mercy.

But, Nice, you are so adorable for laughing like that. And thank you for calling Moral an ‘idiot’ right to his face (though he’s more than just an idiot). Now all you have to do is kill him. Do it slowly and painfully, okay? Thanks, love.

Random side-notes:

  • I want Moral to die. I want him to die. Die, die, die…
  • I’m really, really, really angry right now.
  • I take back what I said about Itou. I don’t hate her anymore. Now I just feel bad for her.
do you fully understand now, darling? that moral is sick, twisted and just… completely and utterly wrong? you know what you need to do, nice. be quick about it…