By: ArtemisDSII

My hope for this manga rests on Suzume not ending up with Shishio. It’s pretty obvious that he will probably ‘not be able to contain himself’ and interfere once he realizes his mistake of letting her go. For now though, I’m really happy that Mamura confessed and Suzume realized how much he cares for her.

The fact that Mamura shows interest in her even after solidifying their relationship makes the manga a little different compared to others that follow the student-teacher/shoujo genre and I expect their relationship to develop and last for quite sometime until Shishio decides to shit all over them.

He personally seems more realistic to me compared to other shoujo male characters because he isn’t annoyingly flawless

Shishio’s random erratic behaviour, on the other hand, betrays his otherwise composed self and I find this very problematic. The way I see it, his character is changing only to create more drama that one comes to expect in manga like this.

There is no way he would lose himself like that. It would be one thing if he found out Suzume was dating a douche or was in danger, and even then he would have been more composed.

I truly believe, however, that the mangaka will not completely fall for this trap and alllow Mamura and Suzume to develop and grow together. I want to see Shishio help Suzume grow by guiding her, like the day time shooting star he is. Expanding his character in that respect, I think, will make this manga more enjoyable to read.

I’m finally looking forward to the next few chapters to see how Mamura and Suzume develop together and learn more about each other. *Please don’t suck*