By: starish6

Moral is such a *insert vulgar blasphemy here*!! How dare he take on Art’s form to be able to talk to Nice? I didn’t think I could ever be this infuriated with anyone. What makes me even more angry is that it felt like Hamatora was trying to cheer us up with this episode. It’s not happening. My soul’s been ripped out of my body and it’s never coming back.


I don’t think there was much point to this episode. It was just about a weird leaf-licking guy and his little brother trying to get him back to normal. …I guess Theo and Rei are permanent characters now. They keep showing up, even though I thought they wouldn’t come back into the show after their second appearance.

Agh, anyway, I’m really annoyed at the fact that Nice didn’t find out about Art’s death. Also, I was wrong about the whole Gasket-is-Moral thing (’cause ‘Art’ and Gasket were in the same scene, talking to each other) and I feel like a complete idiot now. But at least I was right about him being able to shape-shift. 5 points for me!

This episode overall, though…was pretty pointless. It’s so obvious the directors didn’t even know what to do anymore, and so they came up with the weird idea of taking advantage of Theo and Rei’s Shota and Loli-ness and making them wind up in that crazily stupid situation where that hotdog-haired guy wanted to beat them up or challenge them or whatever, which I think is so unoriginal and dull because can’t you come up with something a little unique and not-so-typical?

The only good part of this episode, in my opinion, was being able to see this:

My reaction: (o///o) –> (♥_♥) –> ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) –> *nosebleeds*

Don’t think this means I’m forgiving you, though, Hamatora. Sure I got to see Nice all shirtless and fighting against Murasaki and beating him up and looking hotter than the sun while beating him up and- – -ahhh, point is, I’m still angry and the only thing that’ll make me feel better is if they bring Art back to life (which is never going to happen, no matter how much I – we – hope for it).

Moving on… Just what was this episode anyway? A filler? It has to be a filler, ’cause I didn’t really notice anything plot-related throughout the whole thing, except for that tiny bit in the end where Moral was acting like a maniac (when is he not?) and had a bunch of dead people around him.

Oh, and this part kind of totally ripped my heart into pieces:

Baby, I don’t know how to say this to you, but…your boyfriend’s dead. And I feel like a total jerk now that I’ve said it, but you have to find out about it eventually, right?

Nice. Listen to me. I just really want you to kill Moral. Please just kill him already. If you want ideas on how to murder him painfully, I’ve got them… Oh, but on second thought – they’re too graphic to display here, so never mind.