By: starish6

I honestly didn’t think you, Hamatora – of all anime – would do this to me. I trusted you and I loved you, but what do you give me in return? A feeling of being punched in the face, simultaneously stabbed in the gut, thrown off the roof of a 100-story apartment, and then making sure I stay alive just so I’m able to experience the agony and despair and oh my God, you are so cruel.


I don’t even feel like reviewing this damn episode, because I’m so pissed at it and my heart’s kinda hurting right now. I always knew Moral was im-moral, but not that immoral. I can’t forgive him. Not this time. I can’t even forget. How in the world could he do something that cruel and selfish, and call it a ‘good deed‘?

I’ll never fully be able to fathom Moral’s logic. He was, you could say…obsessed with Nice, ever since he laid eyes on him at the Facultas Academy. And he treated him differently, as if he were some miracle. He didn’t think Art had the right to be friends with Nice, and all because Art wasn’t able to actualize his Minimum. And that’s why Moral forced jealousy and despair onto Art; to make him think he wasn’t good enough; to make him think he was weak; to make him think he wasn’t worthy of receiving Nice’s friendship.

But it was all a lie. Remember how Moral told Art that the meaning of Black Cosmos in the language of flowers was ‘Jealousy and Despair’? But then he said it was a lie when Art reached for his cellphone? Well, someone on tumblr looked up the actual meaning, and this is what it is: ‘The End of Romantic Love’.


I think it’s pretty safe to say that Moral assumed Nice liked Art romantically because of how differently he treated him compared to his other friends. And that’s why Moral was jealous of their relationship. Or, in his mind, he wasn’t being jealous. He was simply committing a good deed and ‘saving’ Nice by getting rid of Art.

“What can a man like you possibly save!?”


It’s crazy, really, how messed up some people can be. What insane measures they would take for their so-called love.

I’m extremely glad, though, that Art decided he was better off without a Minimum, even when Moral offered to give him one face-to-face. Art was a good guy, a strong character and utterly unselfish. Moral might have saved him from dying should he had said “Yes”…but he declined, because he didn’t want to choose the easy way out; because he knew that, in reality, there wasn’t really anything to be jealous or despaired about. He knew that, no matter who he was or what abilities he possessed, Nice would always stick beside him. And for some reason, it makes me love Art ten thousand times more than I already do.


It’s like a heart-wrenching, tragic romance or something. Art reaching out for his cellphone – for the last time he’ll be able to talk to Nice – but not being able to grasp it. My mind is still not able to comprehend how Moral could do that to Art. …Even before killing him, he stabbed him, lied to him, insulted him, stepped on his hand, stopped him from receiving Nice’s final call, said “Goodnight, Inspector Art” and shot the hell out of him; he murdered him on his little brother’s grave.

I’m so scared. First, I was scared for Art. Now, I’m scared for Nice. What kind of reaction will he have once he finds out about Art’s death? And lastly, I’m scared for Moral. But not really. I’m actually happy. I can’t wait to see how Nice will get rid of him. Hopefully, he’ll give him a slow and excruciatingly painful death…


Here’s to Art: I’ll never forget you, especially because you were my favourite character. And I take back all the bad things I’ve ever said about you, because you’re an amazing person. Rest in peace.