By: starish6

You know, it scares me. The fact that Hasuda shouldn’t have a Minimum, but does anyway; it means that Moral must have done something to him. But, like I said in my earlier review, I think Moral and Gasket are: a) the same person, b) working together, or c) trying to achieve the same goal, whatever it may be.


It really irritates me that Gasket is working nonchalantly alongside Art, even after what he did… Half of me wants Art to find out about him, but the other half doesn’t. He’s already got a terrible life –  I feel like everyone’s pressurizing him. Moral’s after him. His subordinate betrayed him. His little brother is dead… He even got rejected by his boyfriend. Why did you reject the pancakes, Nice!? (Yeah, I know I said Nice is mine, but Art’s a much better suitor for him). Either way, the directors better stop being mean to Art…after making him go through hell first, of course.

On the bright side, I’m so happy Ratio and Birthday are getting more screen-time. I just knew they’d turn out to be interesting characters. Turns out they actually have a lot of chemistry.

Learning about their past was really fun, but it wasn’t enough..! I need more of their shota love-hate relationship time. It’s kinda sad how they made that promise, though. “If I don’t die, you’ll die instead.” But it was so adorable when Ratio started crying because Birthday told him to die and he just laughed it off. Kids in anime… Always making crazy promises. Anyhow, if there’s more character-development for them, I think they might become my favourite. After Art and Nice, of course.


I didn’t think Chiyuu’s manager would turn out to be the culprit. He was actually slightly smart in the beginning; kidnapping Chiyuu, then contacting Ratio and Birthday because they’re good friends of her – people she trusts – and using them to get close to Misty. Of course, they wouldn’t hand over Misty just like that, though, so he knocked out Birthday as bait to lure Ratio into bringing Misty over to him.

Ahhh, his plan was going perfectly, but too bad for him. The reason I feel kinda bad for him is that he didn’t know just how much Ratio cares for Birthday, and so of course he was going to be defeated. Never underestimate the power of true boyfriends.

Oh yeah, and as a side-note, can I just say that Birthday looked so vulnerable after he got knocked out? I kinda started screaming at that part and all I could think was: ‘Go save him right now, Ratio! You promised him you’d never let him die!’

just look at the poor baby…

Haha, the way Nice and Murasaki captured the manager guy at the ending, though. That was hilarious. Casually driving a boat while seated beside an unconscious, tied-up, half-naked dude.

Ohhh, and I almost forgot something really important.

“wait, but I thought this guy died!”

Hmm? What was that? Sorry, I can’t hear you over how right I was about the Moral-is-more than-one-person thing! Okay, so we still don’t have absolute proof that Moral is Gasket, but Gasket is the one who killed that doctor in the first place and unless he IS Moral, he wouldn’t be able to shape-shift into the doctor. This is probably the first time one of my theories has proved to be true.

I thought Nice was completely oblivious to everything, but thank God he’s finally starting to suspect something. I want him and Moral to meet, even though Art’s against it. He’s obviously afraid Moral will do something to him…

Ah, this episode and the fifth have got to be my favourite so far! I can’t wait for what Hamatora has in store for us next time.