By: ArtemisDSII

This episode pretty is pretty much why I like Magi and anime like it. I love it when a show is able to integrate things that happen in our world but with their own twist. Even though we knew that Aladdin was going to a dangerous city from earlier episodes, we didn’t really seem any signs until now.  Aladdin, Titus and Sphintus gradually realize that there really is something wrong with Magnostadt. This all happens right after they enjoy what the city has to offer for the first time. It’s not surprising Titus’ willingness to help when he learns two thirds of the population are suffering and I think this is pretty important. Titus seems to have a dark past (if he even has one) and I’m looking forward to learning more about him.

I feel like Titus is a good example of what people go through when they realize how dark the world around them really is. It just adds to why I like shows like this. That said, his personality change from the previous and current episode was quite…dramatic. To be fair, it seems he has no set personality. He just continues to change every 10 minutes since we’ve seen him which is analogous to my previous statement, he represents the changes people go through, specifically adolescents, as they learn more about the world around them.

On the other hand, I have two complaints, one major and one minor. First the minor, I don’t understand why Sphintus was randomly brought along with Aladdin and Titus. He didn’t even seem to question their motives and from what I understand, he doesn’t even know that their magi so why would he just go along with them? That’s one thing that really bothered me.

A major thing I have a problem with this show is the huge number of characters. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like Magi as much as I probably would; it’s like Bleach and Naruto-they keep throwing new characters at us every episode it becomes hard to track who is who and who can do what. Add in the complex system of Magi, Magician and vessel, plus the kingdoms and a crazy incestuous mother and organization—and it gets confusing.

That said, I’m looking forward to sitting down and watching more, particularly on Morgiana and Hakuruu journey’s. Oh and I’m really happy with the new opening, I wasn’t really listing to the music but the video was so much fun to watch, same with the ending theme.

Other things that I noticed-there seemed to be a lot of personality changes, Aladdin being serious and Sphintus being useful and havig more sense than Titus being just a few. Just wanted to point that

Note: I realize I haven’t made as many Magi posts as I said I would and I don’t guaruntee it but I’m hoping to get back on track now that I have some down time.