By: starish6

Oh my God, I feel like Hamatora‘s suddenly taken a turn. The third episode was much more interesting than the last two. I was shocked to find out that Art isn’t a Minimum Holder, especially because he’s so…Minimum-y. Screw appearances, because I’m really starting to like him; he seems like a much more appealing character to me now.


I started feeling so terrible for Art in this episode, though. He seems so much more vulnerable now that Professor Moral’s after him. And about that: what the hell is wrong with Moral? He wants to ‘save‘ innate-Minimum Holders? I don’t understand what his problem is. He keeps talking trash. Oh, and he’s another white-hair, purple-eyes combination? Anime-character-designing-at-it’s-best strikes again.

It’s so obvious that I don’t have to say it, but…there is clearly something wrong with Professor Moral. He’s completely IM-Moral. Not to mention psychotic and in dire need of a psychologist. I can’t believe he’s turning people without Minimums into monsters! And he thinks they’re being ‘saved’ by him… Sure, like Itou said, the children born without a Minimum aren’t treated equitably and don’t get as many chances to have a bright future filled with success – and I think all of that is unfair, but what Moral is doing is simply unforgivable.

Not being able to have a prosperous future sucks. It sucks like hell, but why throw away your humanity just because the people around you call you a ‘freak’?


I can’t accept what Moral did to Takahiro. The poor kid just wanted to fit in with the others and only because Itou, his mother, wanted him to have been born with a Minimum. She didn’t believe in him.

I completely agree with what Nice said: “If his own mother doesn’t believe in him, who should he believe in, then!?” Itou didn’t know it, but she was pressurizing him to the point where he wouldn’t know what to do anymore. To the point where he would end up taking the wrong path. And he did. As much as I think it was Takahiro’s own fault he became into a…monster (or ‘Outsider’, as they started saying in the fourth episode), I can’t help but also think Itou was the main reason.

And damn you, Nice – why’d you have to put the whistle on top of him? *cries forever* Also, how dare Moral say he’s going to ‘save’ Nice? Keep your hands (and everything else) off my boyfriend.

is it wrong that i cried my heart out
is it wrong that i cried my heart out

Okay, so I know I said Moral is psychotic (which he is), but what he did in the fourth episode was extremely clever. Manipulating that Beauty-Minimum Holder, Katsuragi, to make videos and then using low-frequency waves so that only the children under 15 years could hear the message. I get that Moral didn’t want the guy to rat him out to the police, but I didn’t think he’d actually screw around with Katsuragi’s body after killing him…

Honestly, I still can’t believe a bunch of stupid teenagers wanted a gun (I mean, it’s not like I want a gun). Giving people what they desire can’t be considered a sin, but if the desire itself is immoral, can fulfilling it really be perceived as a ‘good deed’?

Anyway, I don’t usually like whiny, big-chested lolis, but Honey is kind of interesting. It’s kind of inconvenient how she has to use that ‘Mighty’ device to see the future (it’d be cooler if she could use her eyes), though. I really hope she and Three (?) turn out to be interesting characters, as the fourth episode simply felt like their introduction.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Here’s a very important side-note:

♥ i ship it. ♥ i ship it. ♥ i ship it. ♥