By: Starish6

I have to say –  Hamatora turned out way better than I expected. I mean, it’s one of your typical case-solving anime, but I’d say it has a lot of potential…and hopefully, it won’t screw up somehow because I was so into it after the first few minutes and my hopes are already getting too high.


One good thing about Hamatora is that I’m liking the characters a lot, except for Murasaki. I find him creepy, but that’s just my biased opinion since he’s got glasses. (I don’t like the megane).

What I don’t like about some of the characters is that they have such stereotypical designs and personalities, it’s killing me. We have Murasaki, the aloof-megane guy. Hajime, the stoic loli whose purpose in life is eating. Birthday, the loud, flirtatious idiot. Ratio, the possibly-tsundere, ‘cool’ guy with an eye-patch. And finally, Nice, the thick-headed male whose face is covered in band-aids and wears headphones around his neck 24/7. (There’s an actual reason for his headphones, so I’ll let it pass…but even then, he doesn’t need to wear them everywhere).

Ahhh, but this is the guy who really needs a change in character-design:

isn’t this the guy from kakumeiki valvrave and, like, 20 other anime?

Stop it with the white-hair and purple-eyes combination! Don’t think I’ll forgive you just because you’re voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. I swear, it’s like taking one guy, then using his character design for every anime ever that’s got a white-haired boy in its cast…. Anyway, the whole idea of there being ‘Minimum Holders’ with wild, superhuman powers gets me really pumped. I mean, who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of crazy super-powered-anime-teens/adults save the world? Yes, I am quite serious right now. Their powers are actually freaking cool, okay? Don’t judge.

Moving on to the second episode… I don’t even know what to say. I can’t tell if Hamatora‘s gotten better or worse. But Theo really pissed me off. Okay, now before you guys get angry at me, let me just say that I do feel bad for him, in one way or the other.


Kitazawa was the one at fault, mostly. He was manipulating Theo and tried – as well as succeeded in – luring him into thinking he was a good guy. I knew something was fishy right from the start. I could tell by Kitazawa’s face; he never opened his eyes (unless he was doing something evil) and his smile was just downright scary.

Anime rule #632: Never trust people who keep their eyes closed at all times. Remember it well. It’s true 99.9% of the time.

Anyway…back to the episode. I can totally understand that the leader of Theo’s bullies’ gang was all ‘devastated’ by his pictures being posted on to the internet, but I didn’t think he’d turn into a homicidal/suicidal maniac-who-ties-time-bombs-around-his-body because of it!


The way Hamatora deals with psychological matters is just saddening. No one would turn into a serial-bombist (is that even a word?) simply because of something so trivial. Anyway, I’m just glad Murasaki dealt with the guy. He really needed that punch.

And thank God Theo finally came to his senses. I was wondering when he would just accept the fact that his teacher was actually a total freak. But then again, it is kind of hard to take in something like that. (God, I’m so self-contradictory). Imagine being betrayed by the one person you thought had cared for you, in a world where nobody else did. For Theo, it was his ‘light’ who betrayed him, his light who cast him into utter darkness…

Random side-notes:

  • Props to Theo for completely sabotaging the hell out of Kitazawa’s funeral-picture.
  • Rest in pieces, Kitazawa. You asked for it.
  • Who the hell was that white-haired freak with a brain-collection at the ending of the episode?
  • I now have a crush on Nice. I don’t even know why.
  • I love the fanservice:
he’s such a swiggity-swagger-eren-jaeger~ …wait, wut