By: Striffy

Considering it’s a new year I might as well try to do something productive with my time. And with my harebrained imagination the most creative idea I can procure is making First Impression posts in the hopes that I’ll keep up with the season this time. The last time I kept up with a season was…

… anyway…

I checked out some of the shows this season:
Space Dandy

dandy 2

I really don’t know what to say about this show. It’s just about the most hyped anime this season- so much so that it has a friggen dub already! It’s directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (you know, the dude who did Cowboy Bebob and Samurai Champloo), so I guess I was expecting something more. The first 10 or so minutes weren’t exactly strong and I kind of just stopped watching. Then I came back to it (but this time I watched the dub, which I much preferred- Dandy’s VA did an excellent job delivering the lines)  and I have to admit the latter half kept me entertained. The animation (when things actually got moving) was visually stunning and creative and I recommend sticking around to watch that bit.

The thing with Space Dandy is that it fails to adhere to any normal rules of story telling- instead choosingto throw any conventional methods out the window and that makes it pretty hard to make commentary. So here’s a picture of a derp face.

I actually thought that cat thing was cute until I remembered that it was creeping around the waitresses. Also look at our protaganist. He’s so swag. Swaggy. Swiggety swag. Swiggety swaggy

Also the main character’s a douche bag. But I’m not bothered at all by it because the creators definitely know this and he’s the butt of many jokes. Like the waitress at the Breasteraunt ditching him, or him spinning a gun and missing his holster, or the consequence of his recklessness in the ending where he ends up making a Hula doll go supernova on everyone and therefore killing all of them simply because he decided not to think things out. And then there’s the fact that he spouts absolute nonsense with a self-determined expression whilst getting nowhere with his empty philosophy. I’m just saying that he’s a loser and everyone knows it. I’d like it to be kept this way rather than him being protrayed a badass hero despite being inept at many things.

Also, where the hell are my followers? Arise followers! Arise! And rekindle my interest in blogging or something.

Note: Watches as I lose followers over swaggy. I–It’s not like I care or anything.