By: Striffy

Yes. You read that right. Mushishi’s getting a second season (it’ll air in April 2014, Spring season). And it’s about time too, considering that the first season aired in October 2005 and despite the show being highly acclaimed there were no further developments for around EIGHT FRICKEN YEARS…


Anyway this was me today: 

  • Finished watching Mushishi Special Episode (available on Crunchyroll).
  • Interlocked my fingers Gendo Ikari style before announcing that Mushishi needed a second season.
  • gendo ikariOpened MAL to add Mushishi to my list and then I noticed THE news and this was me
  • going crazyAnd then I came to wordpress to tell people about it.

O anime gods, smile upon thee and grant a second season for art thou shakespearean jargon anime:

  • Durarara: I need more Shizuo throwing things at Izaya. Maybe one day we’ll even explore the severity of his debts caused by constant collateral damage and destruction of public property.
  • Natsume Yuujincho: Okay, to be fair, that would be a fifth season. But so what, I love the show and I want it to continue. And anyway there’s more than enough material to adapt and I bet it’ll be gold.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin: Honestly speaking, we already know it’s going to get a second season. There’s no way they’d let a show this popular die out.
  • Baccano
  • What else is there

Any other shows you guys think need another season? Because with your input and our combined sacrificial lambs, maybe the anime gods will once again smile upon us.