By: ArtemisDSII

Stirffy and Starish666 DO NOT READ, check the manga out first. It’s completely worth it and I highly recommend it.

Chapter 31: Te

Pale Horse continues to amaze me. When I randomly picked it up I hadn’t read the tags (I did check to see if it was a manhwa) and just by the first chapter I thought it would be relatively lighthearted but that tone quickly changed, especially by the end of the first Act.

I just finished reading chapter 31 and the fact tat Theo is most likely dead kills me. I do think however, that Theo’s story isn’t finished and there is a minute possibility that he may live for another 2 chapters.

I can’t help but feel very bitter towards Rose now, unlike Pierre who doesn’t immediately hate Rose but thinks she has been possessed. I don’t think she will drink from him either. I get the feeling Pierre will get away and hunt her later or try to ‘save’ her.

I can’t believe he simply offered him as another meal but it does make sense for him to want to rid any good memories she had sooner rather than later so they can be together or whatever. *I actually heard that there is some weird pedophilia involved in later chapters and so I considered dropping it but it’s just too damn good.

The fact that Marie died threw me off so much (and also had me itching to read as many chapters as I could) but I didn’t think that it would be Rose who killed and ate her. And then when she eats Theo in the last chapter you just see Pierre in the door way, I died a little on the inside.

Not too much happened this chapter besides Theo reappearing and a flashback but I’m looking forward to the guy with damaged eyes driving Rose and the alchemist.

Looking forward to the next chapter, I’ll probably review every 2-3 chapters so I have more to talk about. If you’re interested in reading the online you can read it for free here.