By: ArtemisDSII

This episode we get a better look at the infamous Kou Empire and it’s…interesting family dynamic. We’re reminded of some previous facts and learn more about the family tree as well. And it’s actually not as messed and confusing as they’d made it out to be. Admittedly striffy and I had to pause and discuss what the hell was going on but I’m going to say it was because we were busy making fun of the characters. I thought it was pretty interesting how much the Kou Empire resembles America in how they offer their services to other countries under the pretext of uniting all the nations and how corrupt the leaders seemed to be (as is the case for all governments really). And with the fall of the Emperor, things seemed to have only complicated themselves. By the end of Magi season 1 I expected things to be a ot more clear got at the Kou Empire but thus far it’s been everything but that.

And don’t get me started on Hakurya’s freaking mother. I get she’s bad but holy, she is messed up in the head. First, she seems to be attracted to any and all male characters, age doesn’t seem to be a constraint; watch out Aladdin. Oh and neither is family relation

let’s ignore the fact that this is happening in front of her just deceased husband, who is the father of this man

You have no idea how much I was praying she wasn’t about to make out with her kid (Hakurya, near the end of the episdode).

And if your mother can make a face like this,

shitsticks magi

you know you dead.

Things get more complicated when your daughter is into the dude you’re hitting on

shino is him
I just realized this kid’s voiced by Shino from Hakkenden, I like him better now

What got me the most about Hakurya’s mother is the fact she said that Ren was her most beloved son. She says that as she’s hitting on him in front of the Royal court, her dead second husband and all her kids. This includes Hakurya, who knows that it is because of her that his two older brothers died and he stands there with no emotion as her last blood son. That has to be painful to witness.

Oh and Judal finally shows up this season though he seems to be a lot more composed from what we’re shown thus far and I’m not sure I like serious Judal. Then again we only say him for about a minute and I’m sure he’s just doing his job.