By: Striffy

Samurai Flamenco

Why aren’t more people watching this? Am I the only one who sees that this show has potential? Were there not enough high school girls flashing panties or something?

home skillet knowz waz going on, ya know what i mean?

Actually, yeah, that’s probably the reason along with the fact that a good chunk of anime watchers have some sort of a retarded mindset that when two male characters interact with one another without attempting to bash each other in the face the show is automatically homo and therefore must be avoided at all costs. This reaction may be a product of their own insecurity and– well anyway, that’s a problem for another time since Samurai Flamenco probably didn’t scare away too many people with its deficiency of panty shots- it was probably just the down-to-earth nature of the show.

Samurai Flamenco really appealed to me with it’s contrasting characters (who, by the way, aren’t friggen high school students!). The dialogue is well thought out and conveys the show’s themes and it really drives its point home with its realistic take on heroism. On the other hand, I was also heavily convinced with pretty boy’s speech at the ending. I mean, yeah, sometimes I look at kids being harmless little shits and I just snicker, thinking about how they’re going to have it hard. It’s the wrong kind of mentality, but I do it subconsciously anyway- and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this.

kids being little shits kids (same thing)

So yeah, I want to know more of pretty boy’s background considering his fixation on heroism and what circumstances led him to deviate from the standard growth that kids go through at an early age when they realize being batman isn’t a viable career option. So there you go, I have high hopes for this show. Don’t let me down.