By: Striffy 

I’m ALIIIIVEEEEE!!!! I just haven’t been posting for the longest time due to the lack of awesome shows.

Also my writing skills seem to have deteriorated over the duration of the past couple of months (implying that such an occurrence was possible in the first place which is unlikely), so you’ll have to excuse my incoherence and ramblings. Anyway, I checked out the first episodes of a few shows (a week late being the early bird that I am) and found that the shit factor of the shows was lower than expected. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised with this season’s roster of shows.

So here goes:

Kill La Kill Ep 1-2


ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??? The first episode was without a doubt phenomenal with it’s non-stop barrage of violence and disregard of something us general population like to call common sense. The animation was stylish and the characters all had some sort of a distinct personality along with amusing character dynamics. As of the second episode, the only problem I can come up with for this show is the overly simple plot line. A show as ambitious as this should be willing to experiment a little more rather than keeping the “fight all the small bosses, power up, then take down the big boss”.

Another problem I have is the main characters battle armor. You know why? Because it looks like this:

kill la kill

Other than the obvious fact that it protects around only 10% of her body area, it begs the question: what the hell was her dad doing with such a risquée outfit. OKAY LOOK YOU KNOW YA’LL WERE THINKING ABOUT IT. But like really, WHAT THE HELL SON??