By: ArtemisDSII

Episode: Premonition of a Journey


The most epic thing I saw right off the bat was the female titan’s Aladdin summoned, this show is going to be awesome.

I have to say this first episode was an excellent way to get Magi lovers back in the groove. Instead of giving us a forward reminder of what happened in the previous season, it was a lot more subtle and also foreshadowed the epicness coming in future episodes. I actually had trouble remembering all the details from previous episodes and I couldn’t exactly check my non existent reviews for the last few episodes *cough*.

I would just like to say that Aladdin looks like a bamf. I wonder what the marks on his face came from and also, he seemed to look a little older (and dark) in some scenes which is cool too

The theme song didn’t really take me but it’s probably because I was so engrossed in what was actually happening on screen. It seems that the witched that the mermaid girl used to study with will play a pretty big role in the story and it seems it won’t be just two opposing sides. In fact, it looks like there will be at least four. The fact that Sinbad has his own agenda kinda bothers me but I get the feeling that he won’t fall but instead have a radical method that wouldn’t work well if he tried to get Aladdin and Alibaba’s cooperation. We’ll just have to wait and see where this all goes.

Young Sinbad looks cool but I like chibi assassin Jafar better. I seriously hope they get more into Jafar’s character this season.

I really liked that everybody was kinda chilling for a bit. I like Alibaba, Morgiana and Aladdin’s relationship but it sucks that they’re going to be going separate ways for a bit, again.  In the theme song they show that Alibaba gets a wardrobe change and I have to say I’m looking forward to it so much, and Aladdin’s witch outfit too. It kinda sucks that they haven’t changed Morgiana out of her slave outfit besides putting a necklace on her but I’m sure they’ll eventually get around that. And I can’t wait for her to meet more of her people.

The trio being happy and stuff

There’s actually quite a bit that happened this episode but I think I’ll stop here. There seems to be a lot of foreshadowing with so many characters’ different agendas and such.

Side note: Ali’s short sword is nowhere to be seen. There are two possible reasons for this, either he decided he needed a new one or it’s just shrunk since we last saw it. To bad I saw it in the opening, damn it.