By: ArtemisDSII

For the most part I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Free! but episode 10 really was a screw up in my opinion though the following episode was pure fun to watch. Real quick, the 10th episode was not only boring but just took away from the plot of the story. This entire time I was given the impression that Rin and the others had known each other for at least a few years before he moved away. However, in the 10th episode it was made apparent that he joined and left the school in the same year. In that span of time they entered a tournament and won. Now I’m not saying you have to know someone for a long time to have a meaningful relationship but I would like to draw attention to the fact that they weren’t even great friends with Rin to begin with.

I obviously prefer younger Rin over him now but then again not by much. The animation here though was just….so sick

It was only around the time of the tournament did they become friends and then after that Rin left. What the hell kinda sight did Rin show Haru (and probably Makoto and Nagisa as well) that was so damn precious? Seriously, if we don’t find out what this sight was or if Haru doesn’t find out about his mermaid heritage I will not be satisfied with this last episode.

rei being ugly
And this ugly extra glasses thing is killing me too

That all said and done, the 11th episode managed to make me forget about how stupid I thought the previous episode was. It was a lot more fun and we actually see Haruka pretty happy throughout and considerate. I think this episode showed their friendship better then any previous episode. Nagisa, despite being a pretty bad influence continues to show support for his team mates. Rei has continuously annoyed me but I liked that he finally took action even though this probably would have ended differently had this been real life. Even if he cares oh so deeply for his Haru chan san, he’s getting into someone else’s business and he barely knows them. At least that’s how I felt, that he was an outsider but Haru did finally state that he’s a part of their team and friendship stuff.

Okay okay, what I loved was after Rin makes this whole display of …whatever it was… we learn after the ending theme song that he’s been taken off the relay team by the captain. Bam! this is what I was waiting for! Sei (captain that like Gou) takes him off because he knows Rin isn’t necessarily in it to win it and as the captain he can’t have that. Forget Haru thanking Makoto and Nagisa for being with him all this time (which was still good), this is what sports anime are all about. This is what I like to see. I can’t wait for the final episode because things are going to be so intense.