By: Starish6

Kagura Ikumi’s ordinary life is changed completely when he meets Ichijyou Chihaya, a transfer-student who claims that they share the same fate. The two boys are cursed, their bodies each marked with a flower containing 6 petals. They’ll suffer 12 misfortunes in total if they’re lucky enough to survive that long and if and when they survive a misfortune, a single flower petal will disappear.


No one’s ever survived the curse, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s obviously going to be different for these two.

Kagura is your typical teenager, except for the fact that he lost his parents at the age of 7 and that he’s adopted (but when you think about the fact that this is a manga, a parent-less protagonist should be expected).

Ichijyou seems like a rude person at first, but he actually cares for Kagura. Then again, you can look at the way he treats Kagura from a different perspective: Ichijyou has to sustain all the injuries that Kagura gets, so in the end, he could just be caring for himself by protecting Kagura. Despite what I’ve just said, I feel like Ichijyou genuinely cares about him. (He even got a part-time job at the same place as Kagura!)

Hizaki and Kazuki (Kagura’s big brother) are starting to freak me out. Hizaki, because he smiles way too much at Kagura and also because he called him his ‘oasis’. Like, dude, if you’re flirting, try coming up with something better…Anyway, that’s not the problem here!

Also, Kazuki is so obviously into him. Observe an almost-shirtless-Kagura and a blushing-Kazuki:-


How does Kagura not see the GAY that is his brother? There is a limit to how oblivious you’re allowed to be…

In the earlier chapters, Kazuki saw Ichijyou’s tattoo, and later saw the exact same tattoo on Kagura, so I don’t blame him for thinking that something might be going on. But I feel uncomfortable with that since I don’t want him getting in the way of anything. I feel like if he finds out about the ‘fate’ that Kagura and Ichijyou share, he’s going to separate them from each other for good…and that’s the last thing I want.

Anyway, I personally think that was a really nice way to end the first volume. Kagura’s brother finds out about the tattoo (I know I say ‘tattoo’ even though it’s not, but I’m not going to call it ‘flower’ or something equally as weird…) and we’re left wondering about what’s going to happen next. I’m looking forward to reading the next volume. Something tells me that this manga is going to start becoming dark and intense.

Oh, yeah. I don’t know why, but I just can’t get over this:


That is the best excuse ever, Ichijyou. *applauds* He is officially my favourite character.

Important things I’ve learned so far:

-Kazuki is so into Kagura (goddammit, I don’t care if he’s adopted, why are you attracted to him like that? e.e)

– Hizaki is probably evil (just a feeling I get) and he’s a pedo (just another feeling, but this one might be true).

– Ichijyou can’t send text-messages.