Red= Striffy

Yellow and green = ArtemisDSII

Striffy: This season looks pretty mediocre. There’s not much to say except that I’m seriously waiting for something interesting to air, since there hasn’t been much good stuff since Autumn 2012 aside from the few one or two shows per season. I’m not even compelled to make this paragraph worthy of reading. Well at least Pupa looks good. Arty you spelled “decent” wrong.

ArtemisDSII: There are a few anime that look interesting this season and I’m really looking forward to the second Magi season. I’ll probably blog Magi and at least one other anime. Not sure yet since Striffy and I need to work out how we’ll split the shows.  I’ll probably finally catch up on Kuroko too. And is it descent? Oh and we watched the first episode of Diabolik Lovers and it’s so shit, holy (I’m adding this little paragraph about 7-10 days since we had this ready).

2013 Fall