By: ArtemisDSII

Epiosde Title: Defeated 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls Pt. 6

There were two important aspects of this episode that stood out for me. The first, was the crying Titan that like the humans seemed just as defeated and the second was the fact that Eren is now being handed over to the military police. With all the commotion I had completely forgotten that if Irwin was not able to present the Chief with any results Eren would be handed over. And just let it sink in that everything that happened in the last 6 episodes happened in the span of maybe 4-6 hours. That’s way too much trauma and death in too short a time.

The thing I love about this anime is that people die and the characters are forced to move on and continue to make sacrifices. Besides the Titan’s tears and Eren being handed over (which I think will last no more than an episode…hopefully), the entire episode just reminded us of what happened last episode and it rubbed it in pretty well. We learn of the families Levi and Eren’s companions are leaving behind and oh did they go all out for Petra. Through tumblr I learned that Petra had a thing for Levi which I didn’t really see in the anime but they sure let him know when Petra’s father pretty much proposes on behalf of his deceased daughter. I love Levi’s face as her father speaks:

ok shiiit i actually feel so bad for him
I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again, I think Levi gets a lot more character development in that anime-based on the fact that my brother who is pretty much caught up with the manga still thinks he’s got no character development.

The whole expedition just reemphasized the difference between the humans and Titans with elite soldiers falling left and right at the hands of just one intelligent titan. The couldn’t even escape without throwing dead bodies to stall the titans, a grim but necessary decision. The dead are dead, you can’t really do much with them even if you return them to their families. Levi watched as Petra’s body is flung and his grim expression highlighted the fact that he’s actually human and a normal soldier. Besides the fact that he beat the crap out of Eren and went way too far, he’s completely normal.

One thing that’s bothered me is the fact that people give so much extra attention to certain characters because they’re potential love interest and stuff. I mean, if I remember correctly, Gunther had his old man to return to, Auro had a whole family waiting on him and the last guy (I can’t remeber his name) had a wife; all these people had families they were leaving behind and all people can think about is Petra. All of them deserve attention and it’s just annoying that people pay a lot of attention to her and Levi. For instance, this random post explained how it sucks that Levi gave Petra’s badge to that guy (Innas I think?) after he failed to get his friend’s dead body. There was zero indication that it was Petra’s. I don’t mind over analyzing a show but let’s just stick to the facts.

shit no eren no
Mikasa holding his hand, comforting him. Eren crying because he failed, he made a choice and things didn’t work out. All this makes the show both fun and hard to watch because of how real it feels. Again, I’m really happy with this anime

Anyway, I really liked the scene where Eren cries and Mikasa sits by him, his uncontrollable tears meant to much. The came back defeated, they lost so many people who tried to protect him. That’s just way too much of a burden to place on a 15 year old. I like how he’s trying to hold the tears back, trying to hide his face because the people that devoted themselves to him and him to them are gone and they were taken away violently.