By: starish6

People just keep coming. I honestly still don’t understand why Fujino and the others think that they can ‘work together with everyone and stop the game’…Tsubaki (that psycho-bishie from the earlier chapters) or the crazy cosplay shota, will probably just kill them all anyway. I swear, though, the amount of new people is never-ending… A bunch more came in and with them was *drum rolls* Shouta’s brother’s girlfriend’s sister, Natsumi! There was also a stoic, cool-looking guy, and an old dude.

Albeit, that’s not the part that matters. What matters is…the shota is back! Everyone is screwed now. And he’s pretending to be innocent!!! They have no idea he’s going to be the death of them all! Not only that..! He acts all cute and normal when he’s shaking hands with everyone…but when he gets to this guy…:

Why, don’t YOU look fine~

Dude. Wut…there is something going on here…e.e……They’re obviously gay…– – -I mean, they’re  partners in crime…!! Anyway, I’m getting really excited about this. (No, not the gay part…) I just want violence. And I think Crazy Cosplay Shota and Pedo-kun (that’s his name from now on) will be able to grant that wish.

In the next chapter, we learn about the crazy-shota’s past! Turns out his mom was a freak who wanted him to do nothing but study…The only place he had little freedom was in school…But, eventually, people started to make fun of him because he was a cosplaying-otaku. I can kind of understand how he hated everyone around him. We even get to find out about how Pedo-kun and Shota-kun teamed up and everything. Pedo-kun didn’t have a hard time at all getting Shota-kun to team up with him. All he had to do was this:

You will be safe with me, child...
You will be safe with me, child…♡^▽^♡

How the hell do you say “No” to a person who effortlessly murders somebody right where you stand? You can’t? Didn’t think so. Especially if you’ve got that guy’s face…

Moving on…Natsumi and the bratty high-school girl went for a toilet break, so Pedo-kun and Shota-kun took this as an opportunity to kill them. They had a hard time deciding who to kill, but went for Natsumi in the end.

Never mind. They’re both dead.

Scratch that. “She still has a pulse,” says Fujino. Damn it, Pedo-kun & Shota-kun. DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY.

But looks like the boys have a plan: Pedo-kun framed Natsumi for killing the other girl…and everybody eventually starts to believe him (except for Shouta). Instead, Shouta starts to suspect Pedo-kun & Shota-kun, saying that they’re the ones killed the girl, but no one believes him, so it’s Pedo-kun & Shota-kun’s win.

I think so far, Pedo-kun’s played his cards wonderfully. I doubt he will be disappointing me anytime soon…