By: ArtemisDSII

My brother watched all of SNK in the span of about 30 hours with no spoilers and just a vague description of the first episode before starting. That all said, he figured out who the Titan was on his own which is great and by this I assume that most people should have figured it out (it was spoiled for me so I didn’t mention it in any of my reviews). In the last episode it’s made especially clear so without further ado, Titan Annie.

Besides the blue eyes and blonde hair, her nose gives her away.

Rewatching episode 21 I noticed the way her flesh seemed to become covered in skin.

I think it’s most likely her fighting stance that clicked for Eren but I feel like she may have healed her face to the point it looked like her.

And that brings me to the other two main titans that have caused so much chaos, the colossal and armour titan. The colossal titan is pretty uch entirely covered in flesh which makes it difficult to see a persons face and as for the armoured titan, he’s covered in armour though Striffy believes his hair style is suspiciously familiar.

The moment Eren realized

My brother was incredibly frustrated by the time we finished the 20th episode but the 21st episode just was so good and now we’re all looking forward to the next episode. I’m seriously looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.


And a bit about Levi, I get the feeling that Levi is protrayed better in the anime than the manga but I wouldn’t really know. What I do know is that the fandom continues to make him seem a lot more deep than he is. I will admit I like him better now (primarily because he defended Eren when the rest of squad Levi was ready to kill him) but he’s still not that cool. I feel like that may change in the next episode though.